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Construction Workers

The CSRA has continued to create and maintain monthly Communities of Practice as a means of open sharing of safety best practices across all sectors of the construction industry. This year, we continued with the topics of precursor analysis/field safety engagements and energy-based hazard recognition. Additionally, in the past we have held ad hoc meetings to discuss Covid-19 response and identifying causes of SIF related to the pandemic. Each month, we hear from leading industry and academic professionals and engage in vibrant discussions.

The Community of Practice calls are consistently well attended with the group more than tripling in size over the past few years. On average, 100 participants attend each meeting representing over 75 companies. The CSRA is thrilled to support sharing of evidence-based safety strategies and candid dialogue among industry leaders. We are deeply appreciative of our many speakers who have dedicated time and energy to sharing their experiences.

The communities are open to both members and non-members of the CSRA. We encourage all who are interested to attend. For more information, contact Dr. Sid Bhandari at Siddharth.Bhandari@Colorado.edu

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Actively participating in the COP has allowed us to learn, share ideas across industries, and engage various thought leaders. Being part of the alliance has allowed us to do safety differently.

Jarrett Quoyle,