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Predictive Analytics

The goal is to identify the business factors, work characteristics, and crew demographics that best predict serious injury and fatality (SIF) incidents.

Peer reviewed publication:

  • Oguz Erkal, E. D., Hallowell, M. R., & Bhandari, S. (2021). Practical assessment of potential predictors of serious injuries and fatalities in construction. Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, 147(10), 04021129. [ACCESS HERE]

  • Hallowell, M. R., Bhandari, S., & Alruqi, W. (2020). Methods of safety prediction: Analysis and integration of risk assessment, leading indicators, precursor analysis, and safety climate. Construction Management and Economics, 38(4), 308-321. [ACCESS HERE]

CSRA Safety Summit 2020 :

CSRA Safety Summit 2021:

Safety Summit 2022:

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