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Unique Precursors of SIF

Are the causes of high and low severity injuries different? Although this has emerged as popular opinion, it has not been objectively studied. We will tackle this fundamental question by creating a scientific definition of ‘serious’ injury and exploring how severity can be graded. Then, building upon the definition, we will conduct an experiment to explore which precursors  - if any - are unique to serious injuries. With this new insight, we will begin to understand how to design interventions that are specifically designed to eliminate serious injuries and fatalities. This project will result in an operational definition of serious injury and guidance for targeted prevention. 

Peer-reviewed publications

Bayona, A., Bhandari, S., & Hallowell, M. R. (2022). Defining Serious Injuries on Construction Jobsites: Lessons from the Literature. In Construction Research Congress 2022 (pp. 294-303). [ACCESS HERE]


Bayona, A., Bhandari, S., Hallowell, M., Sherratt, F., Bailey, J. M., & Upton, J. (2023). What Is a Serious Injury? A Model for Defining Serious Injuries & Fatalities. Professional Safety, 68(09). [ACCESS HERE]

Resources for download

CSRA Safety Summit 2022

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