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Our Mission

To eliminate serious incidents and fatalities in the construction industry with transformative research and defendable science.

We believe that Inclusive Excellence is critical to achieve our mission. See our statement here.


An alliance of industry leaders and experienced scientists who are focused on transformative construction safety research. The CSRA is a forum where we:

  • Propose and test new safety ideas and innovations

  • Invite industry members to actively participate in safety research

  • Explore the efficacy of new safety technologies

  • Network and share best practices

  • Shape the next generation of safety researchers and practitioners


The rate of serious injuries and fatalities has plateaued in the construction industry for nearly 20 years. The mission of the CSRA is to assemble industry leaders and world-class researchers to conduct collaborative research that eliminates these unacceptable life-changing events.

We conduct safety research that passes the rigors of scientific peer-review. Our research often requires objective data, field experiments, advanced statistics, and experimentation. Rather than 'flavor-of-the-day' safety or pseudo-science, we are working to create fundamental knowledge that sustains the tests of time.


We are the only industry-funded research group focused exclusively on advancing the science of safety. Our industry-academic teams work together to understand industry needs, conducts field-based research in real-world settings, collect and analyze data, and share results. 


Our membership represents multiple construction sectors, including buildings; electric power generation and delivery; oil and gas; marine dredging; and infrastructure. Our members employ over 1,000,000 workers across 170 countries.

“The CSRA has the potential to catalyze the next big step change in construction safety. The research topics emphasizing serious incidents and fatalities align directly with our industry’s needs."

Mike Court
SVP Health Safety Environment Quality & Sustainability  

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