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Science of Safety Training

Training is the cornerstone of an effective safety program. It allows us to impart knowledge, improve skills, and reinforce safety culture. However, in contrast to rapid advancements in science and technology, safety training has been slow to change. By studying training from a scientific perspective, we will unpack the fundamental drivers of adult learning and reimagine training as it is currently delivered. Specifically, we will explore how time-tested strategies like storytelling and humor pair with modern technologies like simulations, virtual reality and artificial intelligence. With input from front-line employees and controlled experiments, we will test how these potentially transformative methods of training impact the acquisition, retention, and application of new safety knowledge. This project is critical for equipping the next generation with training that is purposely designed to be more effective, efficient, and engaging.

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Peer-reviewed publications

Raeisinafchi, R., Perry, L. A., Bhandari, S., & Albert, A. Construction Safety Training: Engaging Techniques and Technology Adoption Perspectives. In Construction Research Congress 2024 (pp. 618-627). [ACCESS HERE]

CSRA Safety Summit 2023

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