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CSRA Incident Investigation

Welcome to the CSRA’s Incident Learning web-based
resource, designed to support you and your organization in improving the quality of incident investigations and subsequent organizational learning.

Find out more about the project that led to the creation of this resource here:

Construction site
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Interview Question Topics

The below list sets out suggested topics to cover in any incident interview. It is intended as a rough guide only. It’s not comprehensive and different incidents will suggest different topics to cover, however it can help ensure each common aspect is explored.

Interview Question Topics

Personal information - 

e.g. what got you into the construction industry? How are you feeling? How long have you worked here?

Supervision - 

e.g. how are you being supervised and supported in your work?

Upper Management - 

e.g. who decides how the work is planned and structured?

Policies - 

e.g. can the rules be followed all the time?

Organization - 

e.g. did you have all the resources you needed for the task? Are there schedule pressures?

Crew - 

e.g. who were you working with? Have you worked with them before?

Task -

e.g. how often have you done this task before?

Incident - 

e.g. what was different this time?

Check Yourself!

This Check Yourself tool asks you different questions to further your reflection and understanding about bias within the investigation process.  Just click on a question to learn more.

The questions are sorted into before-during-after an investigation interview, but they can of course be explored at any time – and whether your answer is yes or no!

Reflection is a professional trait.  It means being able to self-evaluate honestly, and take any necessary action as a result.  We are all biased, and biases can affect us in different ways.  The Check Yourself tool allows you to explore bias from a self-reflective perspective, and links you to more information to further your understanding of bias, and what you can do about it.

Check Yourself
find out more about biases

Find Out More About Biases

Click on a bias to learn more about them, and how they have been found to influence incident investigation interviews.

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Construction Crane
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The videos below allow you to jump in and out of
the resource at the information you need.

You can also watch the videos as one complete
show, just click play all.



If you have any comments about this resource, please don’t hesitate to feedback to us – we would love to hear from you!

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